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ice cream glove

absolutely ridiculous edt.

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absolutely ridiculous

Pro Grade Japanese Kip Leather | Absolutely Ridiculous Art by ✘ | Gloves Retired Without Notice



Collectible/Limited: Everything the ARiA Edition Has + Hand Signed by ✘ | Collectors Box | Limited Number | Orange Authentication Rare *Drip Locks | Gone Forever When Sold Out + more



Pro Grade Japanese Kip Leather | Classic Glove Design at Elite Quality | Customizable


official game day glove of...

jazz chisholm

MIF | Pro Baseball Player

meet our director of culture

luke weaver

Pitcher | Pro Baseball Player

see luke's bible glove

marika lyszczyk

Pitcher/Catcher | Baseball

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prince jazz collection

Official On Field Day Glove of Jazz

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blackout waffle cone

"...gorgeous! Leather is top tier..." - Jazz Chisholm

premium detailing

Built to Professional Game Standards

only 200 rare edts. will ever be sold

customer testimonials

"I don't want a regular glove. I want an ARiA Glove."

marika lyszczyk

"You guys are crazy in a good way. The attention to detail on the gloves cannot be competed with."

@gatsi_andrew | ig

"I will say hands down the BEST glove company out there! Just got the Bible glove today that I ordered for my niece. Glove #13 and we are extremely excited with it. The added touches of the box and such are more than expected! 100/10 rating for sure! Thank you ARiA Gloves for the best senior softball surprise ever."

@pumayoungberg | ig

Sickest gloves in the game.

@cole.dart | ig

You guys changed the sport. This is the first time I've ever switched glove brands and I couldn't be happier.

trevor s.

"Over the moon with the new @Ariagloves Ice cream baseball glove!! Not only one of the coolest gloves on the market but one of the best quality gloves going around. Thanks X for creating an amazing glove."

@markcrawford42 | ig

"You guys are going to send me broke I think!"

patrick w.

"Love Love Love the gloves! Thank you again gloves are awesome! Can't wait to gift them!"

beth g.

"The biggest concern I had was how high the quality was in combination with the awesome design. But I have 2 aria gloves now and it’s the best leather I’ve seen in a glove with amazing craftmanship and cool packaging experience."

trevor mauch

imagined by ✘ | ep. 1

Meet the Artist

learn more about ✘

"the nicest leather i've ever used."

- Luke Weaver, 1st Round Draft Pick | the Bible Glove

Every Glove is Made with Professional Quality

- Imagined by ✘

the bible glove

Game Day Glove of Luke Weaver

Bring an idea to life

commissioned piece

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upcoming drops

cookies & cream catcher's glove

june 2022

sneaker 1

For our sneakerheads...

july 2022

snow cone glove

Taking the snow cone catch to a new level.

july 2022

little shop of aria

Lurking in a flower shop is a monster you never want to see...

summer 2022

ice cream pitcher's gloves

The single tones are coming...

july 2022

***** from jazz

Jazz gave ✘ a challenge and ✘ delivered. The newest on field glove of Jazz Chisholm will change the way you view gloves forever.

july 19th, 2022