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the creator of absolutely ridiculous®

the team

shannon brockman


operations & strategy
Jazz Chisholm Jr, Director of Culture

jazz chisholm jr

Director of Culture

field testing & trend setting
Ari Solomon, Graphic Designer

ari solomon

Graphic Designer

making the mockups of ✘'s product ideas

vinnie pallisco


sharing x's stories with you

Director of Culture

jazz chisholm

Baseball's brightest young star, and our Director of Culture, is helping shape the future of the game through style, art, music and entertainment...

meet jazz

wearing the gloves in 2022

jazz chisholm

2B | Pro Baseball Player

'22 Glove: Pushin' 🅿️ Ice Cream

prince jazz collection

luke weaver

Pitcher | Pro Baseball Player

'22 Glove: The Bible Glove

luke weaver collection

sahvanna jaquish

C / INF | USA Softball Player

'22 Glove: Strawberry Ice Cream


marika lyszczyk

Pitcher/Catcher | Baseball Player

'22 Glove: Strawberry Ice Cream Glove & Bible Catcher's Glove

*15+ other big league players are also wearing Absolutely Ridiculous® Gloves that we're unable to publicize at this time due to PA group licensing rules.

imagined by ✘ | the mini-series

This is the story behind an Absolutely Ridiculous® brand and the artist known as ✘.