the aria

nashville, tn

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pro baseball player

luke weaver

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wearing the gloves in 2022

jazz chisholm

2B | Pro Baseball Player

'22 Glove: TBA Opening Day

jazz's current glove

luke weaver

Pitcher | Pro Baseball Player

'22 Glove: The Bible Glove

the bible glove

marika lyszczyk

Pitcher/Catcher | Baseball Player

'22 Glove: Strawberry Ice Cream Glove

vanilla ice cream glove

*Players union group licensing rules only allow us to share 2 of the pro baseball players wearing Absolutely Ridiculous gloves in 2022. 15+ others are also wearing ARiA Gloves that we're unable to publicize at this time.

meet the aria collective

A Collective of Artists & Athletes from Around the World Working Together to Inspire Self Expression, Art & Culture in Sports.

Director of Culture

jazz chisholm

Miami, FL | Baseball's brightest young star, and member of the ARiA Collective, is helping shape the future of the game through style, art, music and entertainment...

meet jazz

kyle mauch

Art | Nashville, TN

jimmy hill

Content | Phoenix, AZ

ari solomon

Graphic Design | New York, NY

zo macias

Film | Phoenix, AZ

cam jones

Sound | Santa Maria, CA

travis austin

Fashion | Nashville, TN

How it Started

ice cream glove

The Ice Cream Glove started in a child's imagination and wound up on a big league field. Absolutely Ridiculous aka ARiA Gloves, is a story proving that "anything you imagine can exist."

Full story coming soon...