Black Friday baseball glove deals

At Absolutely Ridiculous aka ARiA Gloves, our Black Friday is a launch of something that we've been working on for months. Our first ever inventory of gloves on hand, ready to ship within 72 hours (non-holiday business days).

We have a limited inventory of each glove on the website ready to ship upon order to make sure that your glove arrives in time for Christmas. We'll post some of those numbers here soon as well so you can see what we'll have and get ready to click add to cart before somebody else snags it.

Supplies are extremely limited so act fast!


Every on hand inventory baseball or softball glove purchased on Black Friday will also come with our brand new, unreleased X Hats that will retail for $45.99 for FREE.

So you'll get your glove shipped right away, plus a free hat.

Happy Black Friday from X and the Absolutely Ridiculous Team.