orange sherbet. drops 11.16.22.

imagined by ✘

Flavor #10 churned from the Absolutely Ridiculous Creamery, imagined by award winning Nashville artist, ✘.

Drops Wednesday, November 16th at 1pm EST.


An Absolutely Ridiculous® twist on the sweet and tart classic dessert. 

Robust orange flavor, rich and creamy mouthfeel, and a refreshingly dry leathery finish. Topped with sprinkles and scooped into a freshly hand pressed waffle cone to make every play a work of art.

Home of the Original and Official Ice Cream Glove. Inspired by the "snow cone catch" at 11 years old, and brought to life 20 years later.

Professional Grade Japanese Kip leather. 


Available in righty and lefty, adult and youth, baseball and softball, infield/outfield sizes and web options.

Only 97 RARE editions will ever be made. 

*Last limited release, Pumpkin Spice, sold out quickly on drop day.* 

set your reminders and be ready on the site 1pm EST Wednesday 11.16.22 before it sells out.