jazz chisholm | director of culture

Jazz Chisholm

absolutely ridiculous is the official game day glove of jazz chisholm...

One of the faces of the game and the most exciting player in baseball, Jazz Chisholm joins the ARiA Collective to help reimagine the game that we love through fun and self expression.

Bringing style, culture and joy to the game, "Prince Jazz" was the perfect fit to be the face of ARiA Baseball and help shape the future of the game alongside the ARiA Collective.

As the Director of Culture, Chisholm will have a hand in everything from product design to storytelling to music all while also being a content creator and host of live events.

why did jazz chisholm choose absolutely ridiculous aka aria gloves?

"I chose ARiA because I feel like ARiA is a little more how I am. We have more creative.  We try to bring something different to the game. You're never going to see us do the same thing back to back years. We have that same creative mindset trying to change the game. We have the same thoughts to where the future of baseball is going to be. I wish I could show everybody what I'm going to do this year. It's going to be ridiculous." - Jazz Chisholm, Director of Culture, Pro Baseball Player

what is jazz most excited for with aria gloves?

"We're about to change a lot of things in baseball and it's going to be super fun for everybody to see. I feel like everybody's going to love it." Jazz ChisholmDirector of Culture, Pro Baseball Player

watch the entire jazz chisholm ig live signing day interview: