Glove Break In
Glove Break In

Glove Break In

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break in process

Want your glove softened, the pocket forming started, and the break in process to be quicker and easier when you receive your glove?

Select this add-on and we can get the glove started for you.

how to choose

From the drop down, each percentage is how much we will break it in. If you select 25%, that means we'll get it started, then about 75% of the break in process will be up to you.

Pro players usually select 25% so that it's softened up, but then they can control the pocket and make sure the glove shapes exactly how they want it. Every hand is different and the best way to break in a glove is by playing catch, so we never advise over 50% break in by us unless you need it game ready upon arrival.

*Please note that if you select this option, the glove is no longer returnable for a cash refund and your order cannot be canceled for any reason as it is considered used since the break in process has begun. You can still return for store credit within 30 days after purchase however as long as the glove has clearly not been used.

Aria Glove Size Chart

ARIA Cross Stitch

a.r.i.a | absolutely ridiculous innovation for athletes

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

Absolutely Ridiculous aka ARiA Collective is a sports innovation collective in Nashville, Tennessee. Lead by unexpected artists and athletes, we push the boundaries of sports innovation by challenging the imagination. Our specialty is bringing people, places and things to life in glove form through functional art fit for big league play. We've united the top designers, leather craftsmen, and artists to be lead by some of the world's most notable athletes to reimagine baseball and softball gloves by eliminating current industry limitations.

    the glove

    We go about the design and craftsmanship of our gloves a little differently. Using the finest materials, discovering new patterns and design styles treating them like architecture with blueprints, while keeping the integrity and performance of the glove, we aim to push the boundaries of glove design. Our team is made up of baseball players, and there's nothing that we know better than the baseball glove.

    limited edition

    Every month we drop a new limited edition design to keep things fresh and encourage continuous imagination and innovation.

    Each of our limited edition gloves are pre-orders to assure that your glove fits your needs. You pick the size, throwing hand, softball or baseball pocket, and web and our glove artists custom make it for you.