taco glove | first base
taco glove | first base
taco glove | first base
taco glove | first base
taco glove | first base
taco glove | first base

taco glove | first base

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made by ✘ / bandito collab

taco glove

"Unlike anything I've ever seen before."

From the Mind of ✘, and crafted by Bandito. Over 2 years of design and imagination brought to life to create something never seen before.


Inspired by the taco curve of the first base glove and paying tribute to the oppo taco.

the glove 

Crafted using the finest Kip Leather and precisely stitched to bring the taco alive on the field. Following the natural curve of the first base glove, the Taco Glove features lettuce, tomato and cheese shined embroidery laid over a green lettuce kip leather strip atop a taco tan kip leather taco shell. The taco shell features brown grain embroidery and the official "the players glove" stamping.

A finger pad hand pressed from Taco Bandito candy skull tattoos, and a wrist strap hand pressed with the full Taco Bandito, ARiA Taco shop, design.

On the thumb is the official ARiA X logo in ARiA orange and the palm features the taco meat with ARiA stampings. Every catch finishes it off with a little sour cream that the baseball represents. 

Each glove is hand signed and numbered by ✘ to assure it's an official Limited Edition Absolutely Ridiculous glove.

This glove was engineered to be fit for a big league player, but used at any level.

taco glove


more than baseball

$50 of every glove sold will be donated to More Than Baseball.

Mission of More than Baseball: "To protect and enhance the future of our game by allowing every ballplayer to live a better life during and after their careers." 

Learn more at: MoreThanBaseball.org

the details

  • Japanese Kip Leather (Pro Grade Steer Hide)
  • Fine Needle Shined Embroidery
  • Hand Pressed Stamping

Every glove made is treated as functional art ready for big league play, for a backyard game of catch or even your mantle as collectible art... but c'mon, gloves are meant to be played with. Go have some fun with it.

taco glove features

Sizing: Baseball and Softball Sizes/Styles Available with both Left Handed and Right Handed. 

Position: First Base Only. Does not yet come in other positions, but will in a future reimagined drop.

Crafted: Every glove handmade to your specifications with big league quality.

shipping & manufacturing 

This is a pre-order that will take 4-8 weeks to make the gloves to your specifications chosen.

Because of the wait time, we cover shipping costs for you.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-order so that ✘ can custom make it for your specs, so there are no returns or exchanges unless we made an error on our end with your order.

Aria Glove Size Chart

ARIA Cross Stitch

a.r.i.a | absolutely ridiculous innovation for athletes

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

Absolutely Ridiculous aka ARiA Collective is a sports innovation collective in Nashville, Tennessee. Lead by unexpected artists and athletes, we push the boundaries of sports innovation by challenging the imagination. Our specialty is bringing people, places and things to life in glove form through functional art fit for big league play. We've united the top designers, leather craftsmen, and artists to be lead by some of the world's most notable athletes to reimagine baseball and softball gloves by eliminating current industry limitations.

    the glove

    We go about the design and craftsmanship of our gloves a little differently. Using the finest materials, discovering new patterns and design styles treating them like architecture with blueprints, while keeping the integrity and performance of the glove, we aim to push the boundaries of glove design. Our team is made up of baseball players, and there's nothing that we know better than the baseball glove.

    limited edition

    Every month we drop a new limited edition design to keep things fresh and encourage continuous imagination and innovation.

    Each of our limited edition gloves are pre-orders to assure that your glove fits your needs. You pick the size, throwing hand, softball or baseball pocket, and web and our glove artists custom make it for you.

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      John Richards
      Awesome taco glove

      The glove is high quality and the design is great also. Loved the packaging. Everything about the glove is excellent. Best glove on the market