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jazz chisholm jr

Game Day Glove of 2022 All Star, Jazz Chisholm Jr.

the bible glove

Game Day Glove of Luke Weaver

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The Glove Alone: Pro Grade Japanese Kip Leather | Absolutely Ridiculous Art by ✘ | Gloves Retired Without Notice



Authenticated Box Set: Everything the Absolutely Ridiculous Edition Has + Hand Signed by ✘ | Display Box | Limited # | Authenticator Rare Drip Locks | Gone Forever When Sold Out + more



Old School Design: Pro Grade Japanese Kip Leather | Custom Embroidery Option

✘ hat strawberry • 12.75" • h-web • lht • absolutely ridiculous edt. strawberry • softball •  lht • 13" • h-web • absolutely ridiculous edt. mint chocolate chip ice cream scented baseball glove conditioner blackout • 11.75" • 2-piece web • lht • absolutely ridiculous edt.

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imagined by ✘ | ep. 1

"the nicest leather i've ever used."

- Luke Weaver, 1st Round Draft Pick | the Bible Glove

Every Glove is Made with Professional Quality

- Imagined by ✘

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